Infertility Observer Program

Program Objectives

  • Provides an unique opportunity to observe various treatment procedures in ART.
  • It provides confidence for beginners in ART to learn all about stimulation protocols, folliculometry & IUI procedures.
  • The program also enables practitioners to handle Infertility patients effectively and provides the knowledge when to refer patients for IVF to a tertiary care center.
  • Enables practitioners to acquire knowledge for setting up & maintainance of Andrology Lab, processing of Semen Analysis Semen for IUI, and Cryopreservation of Semen.

Course Curriculum

Evaluation of Infertile Male Evaluation of Infertile Female
Practical Demonstration of  Andrology procedures Drugs Used in Ovarian Stimulation - IUI/IVF
Ovarian Reserve test & Ovulatory Dysfunction Setting up of an IUI Lab & Semen Analysis
Ultrasound scans Observation Stimulation Protocols in IUI/IVF
Luteal Phase Support Current trends in the Management of IVF
Tips and Tricks of IUI/IVF Quality Control and Management System in Andrology Lab