Life Conference - 2017

Life Conference 2017, the Day 1 event noted many of the elegant speakers and Doctors from the country and across the globe. Discussions were fairly concentrated on reproductive medicine and fertility where we got to see many new researches and discoveries. Day 1 event began with the PCOS and then was followed by an interesting debate on the usage of Inositols for putative integration treatment of PCOS and then eventually edge of the seat talks by the key note speakers. As this interesting day was heading to a halt, we heard from speakers about the advancements in sonological aspects in ART pregnancies and the ultrasound in infertility.

The Life Conference 2017 marked an incredible start with medical experts talking about empowering innovations that covered the recent advances in fetal medicine and genetic aspects in ART pregnancies. Eventually the conference witnessed more excitement with the Yuva Quiz. While the evening saw another beautiful sunset, the event landed at its last event “Veterans v/s Yuva”. There was certainly a lot of knowledge exchanged between the enthusiastic young doctors and the veterans in an incredible panel discussion between the finest doctors in the country.

Do's & Dont's, must and should and all about the scientific researches and procedures were all well presented in these interesting workshop sessions at the Life Conference 2017 by many enthusiatic doctors and professors. Speakers also shared their findings about the latest upgradations on fertility enhancing endoscopy along with video demonstrations and spoke of male infertility as well. We are expecting and excited to see more interesting subjects to reach Life Conference in its next edition.