Life Conference - 2016

Day 1 of Life Conference 2016 began with workshops and demonstrations and a wonderful display of poster presentations. We look forward to the Sunrise Breakfast Session to meet the experts and gain an insight on multiple challenges faced in high risk pregnancies and newer techniques on how to handle the same.

After the workshops and live workshop demonstrations the previous day, today's Sunrise Breakfast Session was a unique opportunity to gain information from the panel of experts, both national and international. Although, both Hall A and Hall B were packed with delegates and faculties, the Plenary session was a major highlight having the most renowned national and international faculties sharing their perspectives on high risk obstetrics, common metabolic syndromes affecting fertility, strategies and advancements in IVF and other issues concerned with infertility and high risk pregnancy. Looking forward to interesting talks being delivered by our panel of experts in infertility, high risk pregnancy and maternal fetal medicine.

We couldnt have asked for more than this! Life Conference 2016, like always, is the result of our team work and the hard work of all those associated with organizing the conference. But apart from that, our guest faculties from India and abroad equally contributed to the success of Life 2016. On the other hand, the delegates participated in various discussions and talks led by our guest faculties. IIRRH wants to thank each and every person associate with Life 2016 and look forward to seeing a bigger success at Life Conference 2016.