Life Conference - 2012

Life Conference 2012 on Endoscopy & Infertility scheduled on 31st August, 1st & 2nd September 2012 at Hotel Atria, Bangalore. The theme of the Conference was "Vision Beyond Imagination". Workshops on Endoscopy, Embryology & Infertility were conducted and this year’s highlight was a Live Relay of Robotic Surgery followed by Debates on the advantages and disadvantages of Robotic Surgery vs 3 D Endoscopic Surgery.

Fertility Preservation in Cancer patients, Transgender Surgeries, Penile Implants as a cure for Erectile Dysfunction, Tissue Engineering through Stem Cell Therapy were the other top highlights. A host of international speakers like Dr. Petra de Sutter & Prof. Jan Gerris from Belgium, Prof. Caroline Gargett from Australia, Prof. Osama Shawki from Egypt, Dr. Marcos Meseguer from Spain, & Dr. Paul Fogarty from the UK ensured that the delegates had sufficient exposure to the advances in the field from all over the world. Other interesting topics included Surgical Management of Premature Ovarian Failure by Dr. Pravin Mhatre, Myomectomy - A New perspective by Dr. Rakesh Sinha, Recurrent Implantation failure by Prof. Petra De Sutter, Self Operated Endovaginal Sonography by Prof.Jan Gerris and Reconstructive Surgery In Infertility by Prof. Osama Shawki.